The Barstool Rodeo’s In Town …

Barstool Rodeo is an American rock band from Richmond, VA. The group performs the music of Widespread Panic as a tribute to the band’s late guitarist and songwriter, Michael ‘Mikey’ Houser. The lineup includes guitarist/singer Michael Cox, guitarist Davis Whitehurst, bassist Peter Gillis, drummer Joey Dye, percussionist Joe Bray, and keyboardist Tim Dunkum.

Formed in 2018 by veterans of the Richmond, Virginia jam-band scene, Barstool Rodeo seeks to recreate the frenetic and explosive music that was inspired by Micheal Houser's unique approach to lead guitar. Fans of Widespread Panic's original lineup have been thrilled by Barstool Rodeo's reviving of "the Lingering Lead" in a live setting once again.

An Honest Tune

A Lingering Lead

  1. Barstool Rodeo 11/10/23 Elevation 27 Barstool Rodeo
  2. Barstool Rodeo 4/22/23 (4/18/98 setlist)
  3. Barstool Rodeo 6/18/22 Barstool RodeoRodeo

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